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Front-end telescopic cylinder with outer cover

MFC series is a front-end, trunnion mounted telescopic cylinder with outer cover, specially designed for those vehicles that have a straight vertical front on the tipping body. The cylinder is also straight and vertical when the tipping body is in the rest position (maximum inclination from the vertical: 10°).
This model is also available with outer covers that are shorter (different sizes), with a larger distance between lower and upper trunnions to suit vehicles with a front sloping tipping body.
Featuring B3 technology, MFC series cylinders provide all the benefits of Binotto's exclusive design: it is strong, stable, safe and increases the working life of the system and has a minimal whole life cost.


With a wide range of variants for sizes and lifting capacities from 7 tons up to 100 tons, the Binotto MFC series is a very popular cylinder worldwide, suitable to fulfil all tipping requirements for any market, including heavy duty applications, even at the close-to-the-limit climate conditions, offering the most productive, practical and robust front end tipping cylinder that has ever been made.