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Single effect tipping hoists

TFC series is a front-end mounted telescopic single effect tipping hoist specifically designed for the UK tippers.
The outer cover tipper body hoist is combined with, and directly mounted on, the oil tank offering a unique system dedicated for rigid vehicles from 7.5 to 36 ton GVW.
Featuring B3 technology, TFC series single effect tipping hoists provide all the benefits of the exclusive Binotto design, including the cushion system during the stage transitions. The cylinder design is strong, stable and safe: it increases the working life of the system and has a minimal whole life cost.


This system offers operators a high pressure tipper body hoist that has a fast tipping cycle and it is safe, strong and reliable.
With its innovative design, bespoke bracketry and accessories, installation is also simple and has the benefit of the hydraulic valve being located on the top of the oil tank for easy access.